Monday, 20 February 2017

February 19 (Women's Right)

1. Hindustan Times
Agra women fakes love to recover abducted daughter.

2. Dainik Navajoyti
Rape victim will get 20 lakh.

February 19 (Child Right)

1. Times of India
Ex Driver Rape Kerala actor in her moving Audi.

2. Hindustan Times
WCD Minister Raps officials for laxity.

3. Dainik Navajoyti
Education Department will now monitor quality of food provided in government school.

4. Dainik Navajoyti
National child development organizes free surgery in which 324 minor child got heart surgery.

5. Dainik Navajoyti
Father sold his minor daughter in 7 lakh.

6. Dainik Navajoyti
Women doctor get arrested for doing sex test.

Print Media Report 19 Feb 2017