Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Print Media Report 06 feb 2017

February 6 (Women right's)

1. Daily news
A minor girl raped in kotri village, FIR lodged

2. Rajasthan Patrika
"Women lost their identity due to domestic violence, inspite of many laws, to overcome it they should take some proper step" - ritu saraswat(economist)

3. Rajasthan Patrika
Central minister Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that there will be big improvement in tripple talak after election in UP

February 6 (Education)

1. Times of india
According to annual status report on education, rajasthan school students failed to clear basic language skills test

February 6 (Child Right)

1. Hindustan Times
Inspection of CWC needed to look after the rehabilitation of children

2. Hindustan Times
Lack of toilet at home led to gang rape of 17 yr old girl in bharatpur,FIR lodged by her mother

3. Hindustan Times
Children continue to die every year despite guidelines by the SC that are blatantly flouted by schools and vehicle owner as the

4. Rajasthan Patrika
4 blackmailer send to remand home for 2 days for demanding Rs 50 lakh

5. Dainik bhaskar
Under “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” in Kasturba Gandhi residential hostel 1500 daughters will be given martial art training

6. Dainik bhaskar
Issueless sarpanch decided to give newly born girl child FD of Rs 2500 , total 45 FD open.

7. Dainik Bhaskar
Health and family minister ordered to give albandazol medicine to all private and government schools for cleaning worms.