Monday, 6 February 2017

Print Media Report 05 feb 2017

February 5 (Women Right's)

1. Dainik Navjyoti
Women forced to drink and gang raped

2. Dainik Navjyoti
Husband imprisoned for 3 yrs and was fined Rs 5000 for killing his wife for dowry

3. Rajasthan Patrika
"The Poetry Of Purpose" written by Dr. Shashi Gogte and Meec Minard which is translated in hindi by Shashi K Jha is publish in which struggle of women's life was described

4. Rajasthan Patrika
Doctor arrested for indulging his wife for sucide in jaipur

5. Daily News
Married women got gang rape , FIR lodged

February 5 (Education)

1. Daily News & Analysis
School hire counselor for better education environment, education is incomplete without sound mental health

February 5 (Child Right)

1. Times of India
Fearing social stigma, a 14-year old minor girl rape survivor allegaedly tried to dump her newly born daughter at railway station in jaipur,rape accused arrested by cops.

2. Times of India
UNICEF with NDD implemented deworming exercises to fight against Anaemia

3. Times of India
Rejection of bail application by Bundi's PCPNDT Court for violating girls child's right

4. Hindustan Times
14 year old minor raped girl asking help for baby adoption, mother and baby were rescued by Rajasthan child rights panel, accused arrested

5. Daily News & Analysis
Mom doesn't get ambulance and delivered a baby on road,health department claim basic health facilities in the state are not available to a large section of people

6. Daily News & Analysis / Rajasthan Patrika
Doctor and the two women jailed for sex determination in kota

7. Daily News/ Dainik Navjyoti
Raped girl and her new baby got support by child rights head Mr Manan chaturvedi

8. Daily News
Central and State Government launches many scheme under "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" but still all schemes are on paper only inspite of this girl tries to study

9. Dainik Bhaskar
5 states stated that not to marry boys before age

10. Dainik Bhaskar
Proffesor K L Sharma said putting dowry system in maharashtra state board book is shameless act

11. Dainik Bhaskar
Lost girl kidnaped and raped in delhi, and sold too

12. Dainik Navjyoti
Drunk father harassed minor daughter, she denied to go home, child welfare committee send her to bikaner child care home

13. Rajasthan Patrika
Blackmailer blackmail a girl and demanded 50 lakh but was arrested by bagru police

14. Dainik Bhaskar
Due to loud noise in class, teacher got tempered and beaten 13 students,teacher got suspended by school management

15. Dainik Bhaskar
Child welfare committe head Mr Harish Gurubakshani visits several villages and spread awareness against child labour

16. Rajasthan Patrika
Minor girl raped in Baran, accused arrested