Thursday, 9 February 2017

February 8 (Child Right)

1. Daily news & Analysis/ Hindustan Times/ Rajasthan Patrika/ Dainik bhaskar
Tutor Having Unnatural sex with minor in Ramganj area and try to blackmail the child.

3. Dainik Navajoyti
Auto Driver arrested, he tries to harass a minor.

4. Dainik bhaskar
3 days old child leg had been broken by ward boy in one of Utrakhand hospital.

5. Dainik bhaskar
“Transport Incubator” is Deploy in 5 medical colleges and in 31 district hospitals which helps minor in not getting infected.

6. Rajasthan Patrika
Priyanka Chopra demands help from everyone to help poor effected child.

7. Rajasthan Patrika
Hostel girls Complaint that antisocial element harasses her.

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