Thursday, 5 January 2017

JANUARY 4 (Women's Right)

1. DNA
“Our women deserve better”: Article on women's rights discusses women's pathetic position in the context of assault of women on Bengaluru roads during New Year revelries.

2. Daily News
“Shameful”: Editorial criticizes society's attitude of apathy towards sexual assault of girls and says the tendency of just generating a debate is wrong.

3. Dainik Bhaskar
Two girls assaulted by passengers in a running train near Sonepat in Haryana. They were later thrown out of train.

4. Daily News / Dainik Bhaskar / Dainik Navjyoti / Rajasthan Patrika(Churu)
In an extreme case of bestiality, two youths rape an adolescent girl and crush her bones by driving motorcycle on her and also damage her eyes. Girl struggling for life in hospital.

5. Rajasthan Patrika / Dainik Bhaskar(Jodhpur)
Adolescent girl raped after being given intoxicant and sexually assaulted for some time after her videography.

6. Dainik Bhaskar(Makrana)
25-year-old unmarried woman raped by neighbour for a long time in Borawad town. Victim gives a birth to a child.

JANUARY 4 (Education)

1. Hindustan Times(Barmer)
Big jolt to education in Barmer: Government plans to shut down 243 primary schools because of poor attendance.

JANUARY 4 (Child Right)

1. Rajasthan Patrika
Truth of juvenile correction home in Jaipur: Youths living in home and enjoying facilities even after crossing the age of minority.

2. The Times of India
Minor girl kills lecturer father in Bareilly to prevent his attempt to rape her in her own house.

3. The Times of India
Nine juveniles escape from government-run care home in Jaipur. They fled one-by-one in night after uprooting sewage chamber's box.

4. Daily News / Rajasthan Patrika(Dungarpur)
Cousin rapes a five-year-old girl in Bichhiwara village. Girl hospitalized.

5. Daily News / Dainik Bhaskar(Pali)
Private organ of eight-year-old boy damaged in an attack by a woman. Boy treated in hospitals.

6. Dainik Bhaskar(Udaipur)
Child health programme: Children's health status checked only in 60 per cent of schools. Against the sanctioned 26 teams, only 19 working.