Friday, 14 October 2016

October 13 (Health & Edu.)


1. Hindustan Times
Two lakh school girls to learn self-defence under a programme of Ministry of Human Resource Development.

2. Dainik Navjyoti / Daily News (Women's reproductive health)
Family members create ruckus in a private hospital at Lal Kothi after the death of foetus in womb, while alleging negligence by doctros.

October 13 (Sanitation)


1. Dainik Bhaskar
College girl students launch cleanliness campaign in Shatri Nagar area.

October 13 (Clild rights)


1. Rajasthan Patrika
Girls to be apprised of their rights and various schemes under the Lado Abhiyan of Rajasthan Patrika Media Action Group.


2. Dainik Bhaskar(Washington)
Hunger Index Report reveals that 39 per cent children in India are suffering from malnutrition.

October 13 (Women's rights)


1. Dainik Navjyoti
Pregnant women to get raw food instead of baby mix at Anganwadi centres as per a propsal prepared by the Women and Child Development Department.

2. Rajasthan Patrika
At a programme organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation, participants call for celebrating womanhood.

3. Dainik Bhaskar
200 women give message of Beti Bachao in free ride at Mahila Shakti station of Jaipur Metro.

4. Dainik Bhaskar
Girl students in Rajasthan University demand appointment of a woman coach for physical education.

5. Dainik Navjyoti
Increasing shining of women with the development of information and communication technology. It has also led to their participantion in various fields.

6. Dainik Navjyoti
State Women' Commission Chairperson Suman Sharma says that the cases of sexual assault and molestation can be stopped if women reform themselves and keep away from bad habits.


7. Rajathan Patrika(Barmer)
Woman throws her 10-month-old daughter in a pond and jumps in it in Deengarh. Both of them died.

8. Dainik Bhaskar(Kota)
Chain snatchers become active in city. Chains of two women broker in morning, purse snatched from young woman in afternoon.


9. The Times of India(Ahmedabad)
Man disowns child to avoid maintenance. Gujarat High Court directs him to pay the amount after his DNA test.

10. Dainik Bhaskar(Mumbai)
Court unites couple by using its discretion in the cases filed for divorce.